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Welcome to eyesavvyart

Eye Welcome You

About Information

Here at eyesavvyart, my priority is to deliver handmade art to your doorstep.  With the versatile range of palm-sized sticker packs to full-canvas portraits, eyesavvyart is the go to for a variety of designs including paintings using acrylic paint, minimalistic work, and clay projects.  I strive to bring basic household objects to life as well!   Oh, you're curious?  Feel free to browse while your amazing self is visiting!


Services Provided

The vault for all things art.

Through the creation of eyesavvyart, I would like to reward you with a professional online shopping experience, one that will deliver arts and handmade crafts to you.  Whether you're browsing ideas for unique decor & wall art or building a collection of masterpieces, the range of quality services are working hard to catch your eye (your artistic one, at that).

With the listed art available below, I am determined to satisfy a fellow artist's standards.  

  • Canvas paintings of any size (mini-large)

  • Painted clay trays & such

  • Painted clay ashtrays, removable lighter covers, and pipes 

  • Hand drawn sticker packs

  • Painted vinyls/CDs

  • Painted wood slabs


If you would prefer something a little more personal, I also take requests!  That's right, you imagine it?  I will create it!  Whether it's a portrait of a loved one or just a specific customized design on one of my products, you will receive a piece of your true envision.  For example, if you can imagine a different sketch on one of the products above, don't hesitate to let me know!  Don't procrastinate, start browsing today.

Custom Pieces

Customized to Meet How You Imagined

Specifically designed to fit how you dreamed it, My custom services (including custom canvas portraits) make sure you are satisfied with exactly what you want. 
If interested in a custom piece, please rme via email or contact @eyesavvyart on Instagram through direct messaging, and I will respond as soon as I can.  You can provide details regarding size, material, pricing and more!

*custom portraits will be charged higher because these will be hand painted with lots of time put in to your creation.


Shipping & Delivery

Quality Assured

Although eyesavvyart is just beginning, its launch goal is to be the top notch online art store; a destination for devoted art lovers and those who wish to collect. The high quality Shipping & Delivery options have helped me develop a determination for service excellence and customer satisfaction. Take advantage of this service today.  

Once an order has been purchased and processed, delivery services will begin and expected packages should arrive approximately 5 days after initial order.

Website Cover Pic (Ghost Sketch).jpg
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